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What is Curated?

Curated is the home of innovative projects and global talent. We bring a human-focused approach to collaborating on work that matters.

For Clients, a curated approach means that you work with creators who become an extension of your team. For Agency Talent, being curated means working on the projects that you do best.

Curated for Clients

Once registered with Curated as a 'Client', you can create Projects that meet your company's needs.

After creating a Project, our curators will confirm your Project details with you prior to sourcing Proposals from Curated's Agency Talent. This gives Curated the best opportunity to find creators that meet the needs of your Project.

Upon receiving Proposals, you can compare and select Proposals to deliver your Project.

Once work has commenced, you can also manage Projects and payments through Curated and review the Agency Talent selected for your project(s).

Curated for Agency Talent

Being accepted as Curated 'Agency Talent' means that you are committed to delivering the highest standard of work. You are enthusiastic about the work that you create and passionate about finding a 'better way' of doing things.

Through Curated, you can receive access to innovative Projects, collaborate directly with Clients, coordinate service and contracting arrangements and manage Project payments.

What does Curated do?

Curated uses a human-focused approach to Project creation and execution. We start with an extensive vetting process of Agency Talent to ensure the highest quality of service. Working with Curated Agency Talent means that your Project receives prompt attention from our curators who hand-pick Agency Talent based on your Project’s specific goals and needs.

How is Curated different?

Curated does not source tens of thousands of "freelancers". We dig deeper to find truly talented teams and individuals who can provide you with Proposals that meet your Project needs and execute on your specific goals.

Curated represents the highest standards of collaboration and innovation. A curated approach means we only accept creators that possess both true talent and refined business acumen to participate in our service. We welcome all applications, however, only the best Agency Talent will be extended invitations to bid on Projects.

There are no 'standard' Projects on Curated. Our Clients come from a broad range of industries with one thing in common: they are seeking a higher standard of collaboration and innovation from Agency Talent that will deliver unparalleled results. We work with nimble and agile teams, on-site, off-site, and across borders.

Who Curated works with

Curated works with Clients who are seeking new-age thinkers to collaborate on innovative Projects. Our Clients are global innovators, from large corporations to startups, in a range of industries.

Curated provides Clients with the ability to set budget ranges and negotiate service offerings with Agency Talent, giving Clients a range of flexible options for Projects.

What type of Projects can I complete?

Our Agency Talent possesses a broad-range of skills, primarily focused on two core Service areas:

Creative + Development – Branding, marketing, digital design, photography, video production, web + mobile app design and development.

Professional Services – Legal services, finance, accounting, management consulting, interior design and architecture.

Create a Project to see the full range of skills offered.

We are confident that we can source Agency Talent to complete your Project to the highest standard. Our global network gives us flexibility to provide options which meet your Project's requirements.

How do I join Curated?

Curated is focused on sourcing exceptional talent who are capable of delivering high quality, innovative Projects. There is no cost to join Curated. Joining as 'Agency Talent' is by application only. Applicants who exemplify our high work standards and meet our stringent criteria will be invited to submit Proposals on Client Projects.

For Clients, we provide opportunities to collaborate with Agency Talent who consistently deliver their best work.

Curated seeks to empower specialized companies to do their best work. While individuals are welcome to apply, we encourage Agency Talent working under an existing company structure and maintaining a focus on core areas of work to apply.

What are the fees involved?

There are two types of fees payable to Curated on a Project:

Client Fee: Project Fee (credit) to post your project + receive proposals. Client is also responsible for any project-related costs.

Agency Talent Fee: 15% of the final Project price. This means Agency Talent receives 85% of the final Project price.

If a Client hires Agency Talent for a long term or permanent role within their company, the Client is required to pay a one-time placement fee of 20% of the hire’s first year salary, inclusive of bonuses and incentives, to Curated.