What is Curated?

Curated is the home of innovative projects and global talent. We bring a human-focused approach to collaborating on work that matters.

For Clients, a curated approach means that you work with creators who become an extension of your team. For Agency Talent, being curated means working on the projects that you do best.

Curated for Clients

Once registered with Curated as a 'Client', you can create Projects that meet your company's needs.

After creating a Project, our curators will confirm your Project details with you prior to sourcing Proposals from Curated's Agency Talent. This gives Curated the best opportunity to find creators that meet the needs of your Project.

Upon receiving Proposals, you can compare and select Proposals to deliver your Project.

Once work has commenced, you can also manage Projects and payments through Curated and review the Agency Talent selected for your project(s).

Curated for Agency Talent

Being accepted as Curated 'Agency Talent' means that you are committed to delivering the highest standard of work. You are enthusiastic about the work that you create and passionate about finding a 'better way' of doing things.

Through Curated, you can receive access to innovative Projects, collaborate directly with Clients, coordinate service and contracting arrangements and manage Project payments.

What does Curated do?

Curated uses a human-focused approach to Project creation and execution. We start with an extensive vetting process of Agency Talent to ensure the highest quality of service. Working with Curated Agency Talent means that your Project receives prompt attention from our curators who hand-pick Agency Talent based on your Project’s specific goals and needs.

How is Curated different?

Curated does not source tens of thousands of "freelancers". We dig deeper to find truly talented teams and individuals who can provide you with Proposals that meet your Project needs and execute on your specific goals.

Curated represents the highest standards of collaboration and innovation. A curated approach means we only accept creators that possess both true talent and refined business acumen to participate in our service. We welcome all applications, however, only the best Agency Talent will be extended invitations to bid on Projects.

There are no 'standard' Projects on Curated. Our Clients come from a broad range of industries with one thing in common: they are seeking a higher standard of collaboration and innovation from Agency Talent that will deliver unparalleled results. We work with nimble and agile teams, on-site, off-site, and across borders.

Who Curated works with

Curated works with Clients who are seeking new-age thinkers to collaborate on innovative Projects. Our Clients are global innovators, from large corporations to startups, in a range of industries.

Curated provides Clients with the ability to set budget ranges and negotiate service offerings with Agency Talent, giving Clients a range of flexible options for Projects.

What type of Projects can I complete?

Our Agency Talent possesses a broad-range of skills, primarily focused on two core Service areas:

Creative + Development – Branding, marketing, digital design, photography, video production, web + mobile app design and development.

Professional Services – Legal services, finance, accounting, management consulting, interior design and architecture.

Create a Project to see the full range of skills offered.

We are confident that we can source Agency Talent to complete your Project to the highest standard. Our global network gives us flexibility to provide options which meet your Project's requirements.

How do I join Curated?

Curated is focused on sourcing exceptional talent who are capable of delivering high quality, innovative Projects. There is no cost to join Curated. Joining as 'Agency Talent' is by application only. Applicants who exemplify our high work standards and meet our stringent criteria will be invited to submit Proposals on Client Projects.

For Clients, we provide opportunities to collaborate with Agency Talent who consistently deliver their best work.

Curated seeks to empower specialized companies to do their best work. While individuals are welcome to apply, we encourage Agency Talent working under an existing company structure and maintaining a focus on core areas of work to apply.

What are the fees involved?

There are two types of fees payable to Curated on a Project:

Client Fee: Project Fee (credit) to post your project + receive proposals. Client is also responsible for any project-related costs.

Agency Talent Fee: 15% of the final Project price. This means Agency Talent receives 85% of the final Project price.

If a Client hires Agency Talent for a long term or permanent role within their company, the Client is required to pay a one-time placement fee of 20% of the hire’s first year salary, inclusive of bonuses and incentives, to Curated.



What types of Projects can I create?

Client Projects can vary greatly so we encourage Clients to create a Project to view the full range of Agency Talent skills available.

Our Agency Talent is grouped into the following categories:

i) Creative + Development (e.g., graphic design, media, web/mobile app design and development, video production)

ii) Professional Services (e.g., legal, accounting, finance, interior design, management consulting)

Once you create a Project, our curators will work with you to ensure that you receive Proposals from Agency Talent that best meet your Project's needs.

How do I create a project?

Once you sign up as a ‘Client’ you will receive access to the Curated service, where you can create new Projects, manage existing Projects and review Proposals from Agency Talent.

Our Project tools allow you to specify what your Project needs are, provide a budget range and create individual deliverables to help Agency Talent respond with more accurate Proposals.

How long does the Proposal process take?

Our curation process is human-focused and Agency Talent selections are made by industry experts which takes time. Once we share your Project with our hand-picked talent, they will have 72 hours to provide Proposals.

In some cases, you may need to commence work sooner. Please contact us at support@curated.io and we will work with you to find Agency Talent that can offer expedited Proposals.

Where can I post projects from

You can post Projects from anywhere in the world (subject to local law). The Curated service is governed by the laws of the United States of America and fees are payable in USD only. We will be expanding our service offering to other currencies in the near future.

Clients and Agency Talent are allowed to contract in whatever jurisdiction they choose, however, please remember that Curated has specific policies around circumventing our service, and you must obey all Curated policies at all times, as well as include our Project Exhibit (including standard terms) in your agreement.

Where will my Agency Talent be located?

Agency Talent can be sourced from anywhere that a Client desires. If location is important, Clients may specify a particular location for Agency Talent when creating a Project.

How does Agency Talent submit Proposals for Projects?

Agency Talent use our tailored response tools to provide a detailed Proposal that includes a total Project estimate and delivery date. Agency Talent can also add a cost estimate and delivery date for each deliverable. Our tailored response tools produce downloadable Proposals so you can easily compare and contrast key terms and Project details.

How will I know when I receive Proposals?

Curated will notify you via email and through your account dashboard when Proposals from Agency Talent have arrived. You can review and compare Proposals online and download print-optimized PDFs of each Proposal to share with colleagues.

How do I select a Proposal?

Our curators are available to discuss the Proposals and provide feedback on our Agency Talent. Selecting a proposal is a matter between Clients and Agency Talent, depending on your individual project and company needs.

What happens after I select a proposal?

Once you have selected Agency Talent to work with, you are required to let Curated know who you have selected and also provide us with a copy of key terms and any relevant contracts agreed between the parties. You are also required to complete a Project Exhibit (which includes standard terms) to be included in your agreement.

Your Project curator will be available throughout the duration of your Project to continue to assist with the relationship and also provide payment assistance.

Curated does not manage Projects once parties have contracted, so it is important that Clients and Agency Talent establish a healthy working environment and procedures around communication. This helps to ensure a Project runs smoothly, and on time and on budget. Curated does not manage Projects once parties have contracted, and so we encourage Clients and Agency Talent to establish a strong working relationship.

How do I pay

All payments for projects facilitated through introductions made through the Curated service must occur through Curated. Once your project is ready to commence, we will provide you with the necessary tools to support payment.

What types of project rates does Curated support?

Projects are paid on a ‘whole project’ basis, meaning, rates should be structured according to the cost of all work undertaken on a project. Keep in mind there are additional fees payable to Curated by Clients and Agency Talent.

How do payments work?

After making an initial deposit payment, we recommend funding each stage or phase of a project through milestones. While payments are ultimately up to Clients and Agency Talent to structure, we remind you that you are required to facilitate all payments through Curated, including fees payable to Curated.

How flexible is work timing?

Work timing is managed between Clients and Agency Talent. We recommend keeping an open line of communication to ensure that all Projects are completed on time and up to spec.

Is there a minimum budget or project size?

Curated's minimum Project budget size is US $2,500. For specialized Projects with unique budget requirements, reach out to us at support@curated.io

Proposal estimates will vary based on a number of factors including delivery date and location of the Agency Talent. It is the Client's responsibility to finalize budget with Agency Talent prior to signing an agreement and making the first payment. Curated does not negotiate budgets. We encourage Clients and Agency Talent to negotiate on a suitable outcome for all parties.

Does the Agency Talent I work with have insurance?

As part of Curated's application process, Agency Talent are required to prove a history of client success before being accepted as a part of the service. They have a track record of managing projects professionally and delivering exceptional results for Clients.

We also understand that Projects do not always go as planned. Curated encourages all parties to maintain various insurances, including general liability and professional liability insurance. As Curated is not a party to a Project contract, all liability issues are matters between Clients and Agency Talent. Curated is not responsible for work completion, nor any matters relating to a Project. We encourage parties to maintain a constant dialogue and ensure that Project scope and requirements are clear.

Can I join as both a Client and Agency Talent?

Yes. In order to do so, create an account as a Client or Agency Talent (as relevant) using a different email address for each account.

What if my Project is extended outside of scope?

If your scope of work or Project is extended, or a Client engages Agency Talent for additional work within 12 months of the commencement of your initial Project, you will need to let us know. We remind you that all payments are to be facilitated through Curated.

Email us with the new Project and payment details at info@curated.io

Can our company work long term with Agency Talent?

Yes. Please provide Curated with details of your long-term arrangement. All work initiated within the first year of your relationship will be subject to Curated's relevant policies and procedures.

Should you wish to hire Agency Talent in a full time role within your company, please be aware of our policy relating to hires, which requires that hiring Clients pay Curated 20% of an individual's first year salary, inclusive of bonuses and incentives. Please also be aware that Agency Talent may have clauses in their contracts prohibiting hiring.

Can I work with multiple Agency Talent and build a team?

We encourage use of the Curated service to assemble a team to work with as needed. For longer term arrangements, we can help you structure payments between your business and Agency Talent. We can also assist in the hiring of a project manager to oversee your team growth and manage longer-term Projects.



How do I become "Agency Talent"?

Being curated means we hand-pick talent. To be considered, apply here.

The most successful applicants are Agency Talent that hold themselves to a higher standard and are driven to produce exceptional work. We review all applications with this standard in mind.

Agency Talent are not a freelancer sitting in a coffee shop. They are professional companies that aspire to create greater work. Agency Talent collaborates with Clients to think differently about how they approach big problems.

What services are provided by Curated's Agency Talent?

Curated's Agency Talent falls into two broad service areas:

1. Creative + Development (e.g., branding, marketing, design, web design, web development, mobile app design, mobile app development)

2. Professional Services (e.g., legal, accounting, finance, management consulting, public relations, interior design, architecture)

To view the full list and apply, visit curated.io/apply

How does Agency Talent typically operate?

Curated works with Agency Talent that seeks to exceed Client expectations. Your team is an agile workforce, that has strong skills and experience in a high-demand field. Our Agency Talent has experience working with businesses of all sizes and are willing to 'roll up their sleeves' to get the job done.

Above all else, our Agency Talent is focused on creating great outcomes for business, with an emphasis on innovative solutions and a belief in the 'new way' of getting things done.

How do Project budgets work?

Clients provide budget ranges. We encourage you to provide a reasonable estimate within this range. If you feel you need to go above or below the range provided, you may do so when submitting a Proposal.

We encourage Clients and Agency Talent to negotiate throughout the Proposal phase and to contract on terms that all parties are comfortable with.

What if I currently have a job or belong to a company?

Curated is focused on including Agency Talent in the form of existing companies to our service. This means you should have no existing conflicts that would prevent you from joining the Curated service. If you are an individual contractor or smaller company, please ensure that you have no existing employment or contractual restrictions that would prevent you from joining Curated.

If you knowingly (or unwittingly) violate a pre-existing contract or agreement by participating in the Curated service, Curated is not responsible for any liability or damages that may be incurred.

How will I know when I receive a new project?

Curated will notify you via email whenever you have been assigned a new Project. You will have 72 hours from this notification to submit a Proposal. You can also view any Project assignments by signing in to your Curated dashboard at www.curated.io.

Will I be told if my Proposal is successful?

You will be told by Curated whether or not you have been successful. Typically, you will be in communication with a Client and they will inform you whether you are successful. Curated will also confirm final Project terms with you before you commence work.

Client + Agency Communications

A Client will typically communicate with you throughout the Project negotiation process. We encourage working through the curator to finalize terms and ensure that both parties are satisfied with scope of work and Agency Talent selection.

Please note it is against the Curated Terms of Use and our service policies to circumvent the Curated service and approach a Client directly about a Project directly without contracting through the Curated service.

How do I communicate with a Client?

When working with a Client, we encourage communicating directly over email and phone, and setting clear parameters around meetings, communications, and providing Project progress updates.

How do I manage Project Deliverables?

We encourage Clients and Agency Talent to establish a procedure for delivery of Project Deliverables. Keep in mind there will be Project confidentiality requirements and Agency Talent is expected to meet any agreed deadlines and deliverable requirements in order to meet the high standard that our Clients expect. Keep in mind all payments are managed through Curated, so you can structure your payments to be made before, after or upon completion of deliverables.

When does an Agency receive payment?

Payments are made through the Curated service. It is up to Clients and Agency Talent to negotiate when payment is to occur. Through our payment system, parties can nominate when to release a payment. Release of payment must be approved by the Client.

How do I provide feedback about my experience?

Our curators will follow up with both Clients and Agency Talent upon completion of a Project. We incorporate all feedback into improving our service and are always receptive to new ways to improve the Curated service.

What happens if I need ongoing work?

If your scope of work or Project is extended, or a Client engages Agency Talent for additional work within 12 months of the commencement of the initial Project, you will need to let us know in accordance with our Terms of Use.

Email us with the new Project and payment details at info@curated.io



Standard Terms

When you partner with a Client or Agency Talent through Curated, it is a requirement of our service that you add our Project Exhibit to your agreement. The Project Exhibit contains a summary of key terms for your Project (including parties, payments and fees), as well as terms and standards that you agree to meet in order to keep the Curated service operating to a high standard.

Site Confidentiality

All information contained on the Curated website and provided to you throughout the service by Clients and/or Agency Talent should be treated confidentially. Curated uses various security methods outlined in our Privacy Policy to protect User information.

It is common for parties to sign confidentiality agreements prior to sensitive information being disclosed. We also allow Projects to be marked as "confidential" which means that we will not disclose the identity of a Client that marks a Project as "confidential" until a Client seeks to communicate with shortlisted Agency Talent.

What is Curated’s Privacy Policy?

Curated takes privacy seriously. We have developed a detailed Privacy Policy which outlines how we collect and use your information. You can review that Privacy Policy here.

Delivery of work + liability

Curated encourages Clients and Agency Talent to ensure that they use the following when establishing a relationship:

  • Clear deliverables and project timeline
  • Milestones for payment and an agreed statement of work
  • Communication about work progress and Client expectations

Our Project Exhibit also outlines standard terms for you to incorporate within your agreements so that you can continue to maintain the high standard of work expected within the Curated community.


In the event of dispute, Curated is here to help Clients and Agency Talent work through any Project issues. Please reach out to your Project curator, or contact us at support@curated.io. While all disputes are ultimately to be resolved between the parties, we can help facilitate a line of communication when things don’t go as a planned.

Deactivating your account

To deactivate your Curated account, please contact us at support@curated.io - Please note that all relevant Curated policies will continue to apply to you and your company even if you are no longer a user, for a period of twelve (12) months from the date that you delete your account. This means that, under our Terms of Use, you are not permitted to contract with Clients and/or Agency Talent that were introduced to you through Curated during those twelve months, without paying the required fees to Curated.

In the event that you contract with a Curated Client or Agency Talent during the twelve month period after your account is deactivated, or after you have been suspended or terminated from the Curated service, you will be subject to Curated’s Terms of Use, payment procedures and other relevant policies. For more details, please view the Curated Terms of Use.

Engaging outside of Curated

Curated's Terms of Use strictly prohibit engaging or contracting between a Client, Agency Talent or affiliated party in a manner that circumvents the Curated service. Please let us know at support@curated.io if a party requests that you work outside of the operation of the Curated service. If it is found that a Client or Agency Talent is violating the intention of this service rule, Curated shall suspend those parties from the Curated service and we reserve our rights to pursue further action against the offending parties. For more information, please see our Terms of Use.

Financial Information

Any financial information provided by you to Curated is stored securely at all times. Do not share any financial information outside of the Curated service. That’s one reason why we also require that all payments go through Curated.

Relevant Laws

The Curated service is governed by the laws of the United States of America, in particular the State of New York. All agreements between Clients and Agency Talent are subject to their applicable law clauses. Users of the Curated service are reminded that under our Terms of Use, Users are not permitted to contract to exclude operation of the service or in a way which circumvents the operation of the service in relation to Projects, Proposals, payments and any other relevant service features.

Your relationship with Curated

All Agency Talent and Client participants are independent contractors of Curated. Anyone using the service does so in their own capacity at all times (and in the capacity of the companies that they represent). Under no circumstances are those parties to be considered an employee, agent, partner, legal representative or joint venture, or otherwise, of Curated at any time.

As outlined in our Terms of Use, Curated is not responsible for work undertaken as a result of introductions made through the service. Clients and Agency Talent are responsible for agreeing to scope of work and agreement of terms and deliverables.

Working with Agency Talent

Curated is supportive of measures within the community to provide minimum standards to flexible working arrangements. Should you have any questions in relation to our position, please reach out at support@curated.io




Curated has built an ecosystem that simplifies outsourcing - supported by the tools, teams, and dedicated curation needed for your company’s projects. The following reflects Curated’s role in seamlessly connecting Clients and Agency Talent.


Curated is free to join. To become a Curated Member, choose from various options on sign up for more premium levels of Membership.


Tailored proposals are accessible by purchasing a Project Credit ($499). A credit can be purchased within your dashboard, ahead of posting your Brief. Contact your Curator for Project Credit packages.


Agency Talent fee is payable by Agency Talent to Curated, and deducted from the final project price.


Curated is your central point of agency spend. All project payments are made through Curated. Once your project is ready to commence, Curated will provide you with the necessary tools to process payments. Parties can nominate when to release a payment held by Curated.